Achieving Life Balance with Life Coaching

Achieving Life Balance with Life Coaching

Achieving Life balance with life coaching and hypnotherapy

Achieving Life Balance with Life Coaching is one of the most positive steps you can take towards being truly content with your lot.  I have been striving for balance in my life for years, so I was really interested to hear a new perspective on what balance is and it made a lot of sense to me.

It all very well saying “I’m a stay at home mum as I want to spend time with my kids” – but how much of that time will be quality time?

I am a culprit too – how many times have we got back from school and I have heard the ping of the mail going and said: “sorry guys – just this one email” ,  but then another one goes and another… It’s rubbish. The more I think of this – the more true it is –

That it’s not the time – but the quality time that counts.

And you can apply this to every area of your life. From the time you spend with friends and family to the tasks you complete at work. A rushed piece of work will most likely be of a poor standard where as if you spend time over something you will be proud of it.

This can also be applied to the lists we create on a daily basis. I’m a real list maker and my lists go on for miles! This in itself creates stress and the feeling like the “to do list” if unachievable and balance has been lost. If we try and reduce this down to three things and prioritise then we won’t feel so overwhelmed and our inner sense of balance will remain in tact. As a life coach its my job to help people work out what their priorities are and how they can get their work done without overwhelming themselves and still have time to spend with their families.

It also comes down to really focusing on what we are doing  at the time of doing it. So to come back to the example of playing with the children after school. How often have you been with your kids after school and your mind drift off to the presentation you have to give tomorrow morning or the conversation you just had?

To really focus on the now , Harv Ekker gives a great piece of advise of how to bring yourself back into the present. If you feel yourself slipping off course, then a little trick is to imagine yourself hovering above yourself. Picture yourself from above doing what you are doing at that moment… observe and then when you have done that – reconnect with yourself and you will be in that moment. It really works!

If you think that you need some support in achieving balance with life coaching please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can work through what may be holding you back from achieving the balance you need to spend more time with loved ones whilst still managing your work.

Spending quality time with the kids is pure joy

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