Hypnotherapy for Children

RTT to stop your child suffering

RTT to stop your child suffering

Is your child suffering?

There is nothing worse than seeing your child in pain.

Children effected by divorce

Children can be badly effected by divorce, putting the blame on themselves, feeling unloved, confused. We can help them with RTT and speak to their subconscious mind to find out exactly what they are feeling and to help them know how much they are loved and how it is not their fault.

Pressure in School

Children are also under immense pressure to perform in schools today and some take it better than others. We can help give them the confidence they need with RTT and help them with coping skills so that they deal with these challenges better.


As many as 20% of children are self harming which is a huge amount of suffering going on by our nations children. RTT is an incredible tool that will enable us to help your child understand why they are self harming and help them understand that they do not need to do this. We can enable them to feel good about themselves again and help them with self healing messages so they can leave the pain behind them.