I am Enough rather than I’m Not Enough

I am Enough rather than I’m Not Enough  – where is Your self confidence?

I was lucky enough to study under the amazing healer and famous therapist  Marisa Peer. One of her excellent books, “Ultimate Confidence” delves into what is behind a lack of self confidence. Marisa’s theory is that all too often we have a deep seated feeling that people do not feel good enough. When we hold this belief, both consciously and subconsciously it manifests itself in negative patterns of behaviour and actions. From “people pleasing” to chasing after the wrong things, to thinking money can solve everything – to being unable to shift excess weight.

We were born with the knowledge that we were enough –  but through life’s experiences we gradually listen to the influencers around us, our parents, our teachers, our governments and our peers who tell us something different.

Someone somewhere made us believe certain things and we altered our behaviour to cope with those beliefs. At that time it worked to do so – but as we grow older this behaviour and reactions become outdated and no longer serve us so we have to go and undo them so we can move forward in our lives freely.

YOU ARE ENOUGH and when you truly believe that, everything else will follow.

One of the most powerful tools to overcoming this is so simple but so fun. Marissa suggests that you write on mirrors all over your house  “I am enough” so you can see it every time you wake you wake up or walk past it. I tried this myself and found the effect astonishing. Do it now – write on your largest mirror I am Enough rather than I’m not Enough in your head and say it when you wake up, say it when you pass the mirror and say it when you go to bed. say it all day long and watch yourself transform.

If you have a feeling that you are not good enough get in touch about booking an Rapid Transformational Therapy session with me and free yourself from that negative belief.

“You are more than enough. Try it for yourself and see what effect it has on your life.