Intuitive Painting

Letting Creativity flow with Intuitive Painting

Art has always been a big part of my life. When I was a child I used to find myself in my bedroom, just drawing or copying a picture of an old man in a magazine – so interested in the expression on their eyes, the wrinkles in their skin – their character. When my parents argued I went upstairs and just being creative in that way freed me. It was a kind of meditation even then.

I loved painting and at school and the artists Lucian Freud and Francis Bacon particularly interested me as they had a wonderful way of expressing the human form in their life like vision.

Portrait painting became my focus and my fascination with old people continued as they had so much of their life etched on their face  – such a story to tell just by looking in their eyes.

At university, I experimented with cartoon style pictures. I made stories in pen on large pieces of paper and developed a certain crude stylised way of drawing. However as life sped up around me and my career in television started to suck up my time, I drew and painted less. I found that the more I used a computer – I was an editor at this time – the less I was able to draw or paint. The computer seemed to suck the creative force out of me.

So when I decided to become a therapist and help people and use the computer less and actively start to raise my creation again it was the most amazing feeling. I started with short courses in painting and then signed up to open studio at Heatherley’s which was great as it gave me the freedom to some to classes whenever I was free. It made me make time for art again. I had really let my skills slide but I was starting to draw and paint as part of my routine again.

This painting was my first abstract piece. Its called “Freedom”. I had always felt like my painting “should” look a certain way  – in a way I was held back by convention. so instead I made a conscious decision to let my art flow freely through me! This is what I can intuitive painting.

I think intuitive painting can be a metaphor for life. Do what is right for you. Do what feels right, not necessarily what convention says you should do.

I’ve hidden a message within this one.