Rapid Transformational Therapy

Get to the root cause of your issue with RTT

Get to the root cause of your issue with RTT

Understanding is power and Rapid Transformational Therapy frees you from the beliefs that you formed as a child that no longer serve you. Once you are aware of where they came from and understand how they have led you to form beliefs and habits, you free yourself from them forever.I now have the gift of being able to heal my clients with this incredible tool. In 1-3 sessions we can rid you of your self confidence issues, addictions, anxiety, money blockages, weight loss and many illnesses that are manifested at a psychological level. Why wouldn’t you give yourself the gift of freedom from what is holding you back?

When I see people transforming throughout the session and literally unburden themselves of the beliefs they have been carrying around in their subconscious  – it is so wonderfully rewarding. Everyone should be able to benefit from this wonderful experience so that they can go on to lead fabulous lives and fulfil their true potential. It is in this way that I feel my mission is to heal as many wonderful women as I possibly can so that more of you can shine.

Each Rapid Transformational Therapy session is approximately 1.5 – 2 hours and during that time we will discuss what issues you want to deal with and then we will use hypnosis to find out what’s really happening on a subconscious level and discover where your beliefs came from. We then use CBT style rationalisation within the session to enable you to turn those beliefs around. The final transformational part of the session will be recorded so that you can take this home and listen to it in your own time. It takes 21 days for your neurological pathways to change and as you listen to the new you  – you will transform and become the best version of yourself.