Mind Over Matter – How I conquered the Leap of Faith

Mind Over Matter – How I conquered the Leap of Faith

Mind over Matter – How I conquered the Leap of Faith water slide

My fear of heights became more apparent for me a bit later in life.

I saw a man who had just fallen from a Tower block opposite mine in Barcelona onto the floor and had actually dented the floor. At first I thought it was homeless person lying in the garden – but soon realised it was not.

The experience had such an impact on me that I had to move from that apartment block and was really freaked out by balconies ever since.

This has subdued a bit as years went by but but I still feel sick on a high balcony or roof tops to this day and hate looking over cliff edges etc.

So much to my surprise I found myself at the top of The Leap Of Faith – The highest Water slide in Europe and UAE that hurtles you down a 9 story near vertical drop in a mere second  – speeding through a clear acrylic tube full of sharks.

I did not intend to end up here.. The water slide’s lower level had suddenly been shut off and we just found ourselves in the cue…

The slide is so vertical that all you can see is the drop….People literally take it in turns to drop off the edge and the gravity holds you to the slide.

Leap of Faith

The night before I had been filming a wedding which culminated in a late night (4am wrap) and an eye wateringly expensive rubbish bottle of Prosecco.

I felt like shit. That morning I was tempted to stick around the pool and nurse my hangover, but it was our one day off in Dubaii and I was determined to experience something awesome.

In that cue I was filled with fear. My heart was pounding and my internal dialogue was on overdrive. There was a panic attack setting in. The cue was taking forever and the panic was becoming like torture. Then out of nowhere, I suddenly made the decision that I was going to enjoy myself. I WAS NOT going to panic. So instead of filling my head with negative outcomes and terror I filled it with “this is such fun” – on repeat. “I’m going to love this” – on repeat, so that by the time I reached the front of the cue, I just swung into place gently and went down.

It was amazing. A real breakthrough. My stomach bottomed out, I literally fell down the shoot but in a split second I was on the second part of the slide and then out!

I had put my mind over matter – and conquered the Leap of Faith! Isn’t the power of your mind so incredible!

What I love about my work with Rapid Transformational Therapy is that I can help people conquer what holds them back by finding out why they are being held back – what pictures and words are making stopping them and then turning those words and pictures into positive things that will help them move forwards.

I could not stop laughing – my legs collapsed from adrenalin but I was so happy. So proud of myself and not just for jumping, for taking control of the internal monologue and grounding myself!