The Lemon Detox


The lemon detox became famous when beyonce and half of la did it. the idea is that you drink hot or cold water with lemon, cayenne pepper and a special syrop that is full of nutrients for 5 -7 days and you give your system a total reboot! if its good enough for Beyonce, then its good Enough for me and I wanted to give this a try.

I decided to take the challenge and see what the 5 day Lemon Detox fast would do for my skin, energy and body!

Day 1)

I had a salad  – I could not resist – there was all this food left over in the fridge and I had literally been so supercharged  – buzzing with energy – I ran myself into the ground. There I was thinking I would have no energy – but it just came to me and was fantastic!

Day 2)

Really buzzing again. I can’t do running when on this detox but I can go for beautiful walks.

I had an apple. Decided I would do another day as felt bad about eating something – but that is such a clean thing to eat I don’t think it matters.

I also made myself a cashew Tumeric latte which was really warming for the stomach. Don’t mind about that either.. And don’t feel guilty about that 🙂

Day 3)

It’s been going really well – but I just got really tired after shooting this afternoon and it was difficult rushing around picking up the kids in a rush.

I felt a bit snappy – had a bath and relaxed but when Eddie mistakenly got his truffle oil pizza and red wine delivered to my house not his at the doorstep I thought it was a joke. The truffle wafting through the doorway as I stood there in my wet towel. It really  was hilarious.. But I did crack and had to have an avocado with some salt and olive oil and a slice of watermelon. I do think these 2 things are pretty DETOX and nothing to clogg up the insides – infact I really feel that that natural energy helped me a bit. I did 72 hours.. Im going to do another 36 and then slip into some soup…

Kundalini yoga tomorrow night will be the real test but i really want to do it as it makes me feel so good.

I also did my chakra clearing this morning and this evening and thats made me really go with the flow.

Day 4)

I had a day  at home rather than ride my motorbike to the office as I just felt like I did not have the concentration or thought I did not have the concentration to ride with care. I’m a mum and despite being a careful rider I always want to make sure that I am super careful. Sometimes on the London streets it really is idiots causing trouble so on this occasion I decided to work from home.

Later Elena, my lovely Italian friend picked me up to go to our Kundalini class. It’s a really great class but an hour and a half so does take it out of you. I had been wondering how I would manage but something just clicked when I was there and I was just in the flow with it. It was really working and I actually felt like I was flying.. Really nuts but so uplifting and enlightening  – the fasting really suited the practice and took me one step further into my detox. Kundalini is not only great for clearing energy blocks and chakras but also really amazing for detoxing – so this practice just did wonders…

The weirdest thing happened though when I got back home. You would think that I would be pooped and want to go to bed – when in actual fact I just got more energy. I could not stop. I started tidying up and making some decision and lists and getting things in order. It was a super charged moment and I felt so good!

This was the moment I had been waiting for with this detox. It felt like clarity!

I went to bed so happy and clear and fired up for more. But only one day left.

Day 5)

Well in the swing of this now – the last day. It actually got easier towards the end but I think I was ready to eat something.

The nice thing about the detox is that you do feel so pure afterwards that you don’t really want to pollute yourself with anything rubbish afterwards. My appetite had gone down and I just was not drawn to anything bad for me.. To be honest I had been eating pretty well up to this point, had virtually cut out gluten and sugar and had been abstaining from wine mostly  – so the detox diet was the next step – but it was a really good way to reset entirely and left me feeling and I think looking GREAT!

I did however go and drink some vodkas with my amazing friend who was over from SA which was probably not the wisest thing to do – but hey – you only live once and you have to strike while the iron is hot and make the most of these moments too!


After effects:

Amazingly I had been suffering from sulphate allergies for a while. If I’m honest around a year. I kept getting yeast reactions from booze that was building up – headaches etc and mainly from wine – particularly white wine.. Prosecco was also a culprit. Part of this is the sugar content but I eventually worked out through trial and error and personal research that it was the sulphates.

Interestingly – when I drank vodka this did not happen but then as soon as I had wine it sprung up again – the result being that I basically gave up wine for a while. After the lemon detox I went on my California road trip…and did drink quite a lot of wine (cough cough) all those lovely tastings were too much to resist.. But the sulphate reaction was gone…

A really impressive result. I seem to have stripped my body of the crap that had built up.

How to Do the 5 Day Lemon Detox

Buy the special syrup, lots of good quality lemons, cayenne pepper.

Drink either hot or cold, squeeze one lemon per cup/glass with 2 table spoons of the syrup and a large pinch of cayenne pepper 5-8 times a day or as often as you need to take away hunger!


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