The Power of Gratitude

The Power of Gratitude and how it effects us all.

Feeling grateful for what we have and the lives we have already led is a wonderful feeling. I have heard this spoken of by many people and noticed the positive effects on my own life through the practice of being grateful. The positivity that comes from that simple gesture of actively being grateful makes amazing things start to happen.

After reading code of “The Extraordinary Mind” by Vishan Lakhiani” , the founder of Mindvalley, I decided to take this one step further. He suggested introducing the concept of Gratitude to you children. My children had started to grumble quite a lot. It’s just a stage and my daughter is entering into puberty so its natural, but I started asking them on the way back from school 3 things that were good that day and before bed 3 things that they are grateful for. They actually really enjoyed the process and I think it made them focus on the positive aspects of their day.

code and Jasper

The power gratitude and of spreading these little positivity vibes to you children is so beautiful. A lovely trick that I was taught while filming an empowerment seminar for Hallmark Care homes was given by Jermaine Harris, which is waking up in the morning and just jumping out of bed saying  –

“Isn’t life Great!

He said you can’t be in a bad mood if you put a great track of music on first thing in the morning and just dance –

so we started taking it in turns to choose a track of music to play in the morning as soon as we got up. It really worked!

The kids were happy – I was happy and we didn’t bicker about rubbish because we were tired… everyone was a winner. So from right from the start of the day – celebrating joy!

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